Cabins between 6m and 7m in size

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FPL6233 - Insulated Glamping Cube 328x756PicShadow

3.28m x 7.56m Insulated Glamping Cube

FPL9231 - Bari Leisure Building 644x644PicShadow

644x644 Multi-room Leisure Building

FPL9250 - Noah leisure building 430x560 with int terracePicShadow

4.3m x 5.6m leisure building with canopy and integral terrace

FPL9442 - Cara Legno 2520P with ext and side roofPicShadow

2.50m x 2.00m Cabin with 2x woodshed ext and side roof

FPL9464 - Carport Caro 6835F incl extPicShadow

6.8m x 3.5m Carport inc. 1.8m x 3.5m ext

FPL9481 - Alabama Cabin 350x500 with extPicShadow

3.00m x 5.00m Cabin with 1.20m x 1.20m extn

FPL9493 - Tennessee Cabin 450x450 with tcePicShadow

4.50m x 4.50m Cabin with 2.50m terrace

FPL9502 - Ahrensburg Cabin 370x340 with 250 extPicShadow

3.70m x 3.40m Cabin with 2.50m x 3.40m side extn

FPL9510 - Celtic Cabin 400x700 with terracePicShadow

4.00m x 7.00m Cabin with 2.00m x 7.00m terrace

FPL9547 - Flat Roof Log Cabin 300x500 with 2m canopyPicShadow

Flat Roof Log Cabin 300x500 with 150x200 canopy

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