Large & Multiroom log cabins

This is generally where you will find our larger cabins, buildings that are far more than just a basic shell. This range is really where the custom build options come into themselves and what you see here is a very small example of what we are able to provide. You can have any shape or size required, all you need to do is ask.

68 products found

FPL9227 - Charlotte Leisure Building 390x600 with side extsPicShadow

390x600 Leisure Building with 2x 100x400 side extensions

FPL9230 - Lennox Leisure Building 834x444 with 344x124 extPicShadow

834x444 Multi-room Leisure Building with 344x124 rear extension

FPL9231 - Bari Leisure Building 644x644PicShadow

644x644 Multi-room Leisure Building

FPL9246 - Zuzanna leisure building 614x814 with 200 side extPicShadow

6.14m x 8.14m leisure building with 3m integral canopy and 2m side extension

FPL9248 - Vincent leisure building 350x850 with extnsPicShadow

3.5m x 8.5m leisure building with rear and front extensions and terrace

FPL9249 - Alicja leisure building 520x800 with terracePicShadow

5.2m x 8.0m leisure building with 1.8m x 8.0m terrace

FPL9250 - Noah leisure building 430x560 with int terracePicShadow

4.3m x 5.6m leisure building with canopy and integral terrace

FPL9251 - Cleveland leisure building 900x700PicShadow

900 x 700 Leisure building with integral canopy

FPL9479 - Nashville Cabin 500x350 with extPicShadow

5.00m x 3.50m Cabin with 3.00m x 4.00m extn

FPL9481 - Alabama Cabin 350x500 with extPicShadow

3.00m x 5.00m Cabin with 1.20m x 1.20m extn

FPL9482 - Smokey Cabin 250x400 with canopyPicShadow

2.50m x 4.00m Cabin with 5.20m canopy

FPL9488 - Havel Cabin 300x407 with 2x extPicShadow

3.00m x 4.07m Cabin with 1.55m woodshed and 4.37m dog pound

FPL9493 - Tennessee Cabin 450x450 with tcePicShadow

4.50m x 4.50m Cabin with 2.50m terrace

FPL9496 - Edinburgh Cabin 450x500 with extPicShadow

4.50m x 5.00m Cabin with 3.00m x 4.00m extn

FPL9497 - Blankenese Cabin 400x800 with extPicShadow

4.00m x 8.00m Cabin with 3.00m x 4.00m extn

FPL9500 - Kentucky Cabin 400x300 with side extPicShadow

4.00m x 3.00m Cabin with 7.00m side extn

FPL9502 - Ahrensburg Cabin 370x340 with 250 extPicShadow

3.70m x 3.40m Cabin with 2.50m x 3.40m side extn

FPL9505 - Lausanne Cabin 390x394 with porchPicShadow

3.90m x 3.94m Cabin with 3.90m x 3.46m Porch

FPL9509 - Falkland Cabin 500x800 with terracePicShadow

5.00m x 8.00m Cabin with 1.80m x 6.00m terrace

FPL9510 - Celtic Cabin 400x700 with terracePicShadow

4.00m x 7.00m Cabin with 2.00m x 7.00m terrace

FPL9545 - Clockhouse 400x800PicShadow

4.0m x 8.0m Clockhouse cabin

FPL9546 - Panta Apex 400x600PicShadow

4.00m x 6.00m Apex roof corner summerhouse

FPL9547 - Flat Roof Log Cabin 300x500 with 2m canopyPicShadow

Flat Roof Log Cabin 300x500 with 150x200 canopy

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