Do you need planning permission for a log cabin in Scotland?

Most log cabins and summerhouses are classed as temporary buildings and as such do not usually require planning permission. There are however a few criteria that the building must adhere to. A full description of the permitted development rights are available by clicking here. If you scroll down to points 4.74. Below is an excerpt from the latest ammendment dated 2021...

Most sheds, garages, greenhouses or other similar buildings do not need a planning permission application, because most meet a set of rules called 'permitted development'.

The permitted development rules for sheds, garages, greenhouses or other similar buildings are:

  • it's located at the back of the house
  • it's not used as a separate home to live in
  • it, and any other development, does not take up half or more of the ' rear curtilage' – this means half or more of the grounds behind your home
  • it's not higher than 4 metres at the highest point
  • any part that's a metre or less from the boundary is no higher than 2.5 metres
  • the eaves (the part where the wall meets the roof) is no higher than 3 metres

If you live in a listed building or conservation area then the rules can change slightly, please contact your local planning office.

If you require any clarification of these rules please let us know and we will try to help. 

Please note that Forest Products cannot be held liable for any planning issues that may arise, it is up to the customer to establish whether planning permission or building warrant is required.


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