Zuluna value range of cabins

If you are working to a budget or you have a more basic building in mind, then we have a superb range of basic cabins. Created by the same German manufacturer as our main range, these are more basic cabins supplied in fixed sizes with a more limited range of options. Great if you need a high quality basic cabin and perfect for those considering a self-build option.

33 products found

FPL1010 - Zuluna HamiltonPicShadow

28mm flat roof storage cabin

FPL1020 - Zuluna GlasgowPicShadow

28mm Apex roof storage cabin

FPL1030 - Zuluna PaisleyPicShadow

28mm Apex roof storage cabin with woodshed

FPL1040 - Zuluna DunfermlinePicShadow

28mm Apex roof cabin

FPL1050 - Zuluna AberfeldyPicShadow

28mm Apex roof cabin

FPL1060 - Zuluna AboynePicShadow

28mm Apex roof cabin

FPL1070 - Zuluna ApplecrossPicShadow

28mm flat roof cabin

FPL1080 - Zuluna ArisaigPicShadow

28mm flat roof 2 room cabin

FPL1090 - Zuluna AviemorePicShadow

28mm hipped roof corner cabin

FPL1100 - Zuluna BallaterPicShadow

33mm Apex roof cabin

FPL1110 - Zuluna BallochPicShadow

33mm Apex roof cabin

FPL1120 - Zuluna BanchoryPicShadow

28mm Apex roof storage cabin

FPL1130 - Zuluna BeaulyPicShadow

28mm Apex roof multi-room cabin

FPL1140 - Zuluna DornochPicShadow

28mm Apex roof multi-room cabin

FPL1150 - Zuluna DrumbegPicShadow

28mm Apex roof cabin

FPL1160 - Zuluna DunoonPicShadow

28mm Apex roof cabin

FPL1170 - Zuluna ElginPicShadow

28mm Apex roof cabin

FPL1180 - Zuluna FortrosePicShadow

28mm flat roof cabin

FPL1190 - Zuluna GairlochPicShadow

28mm flat roof cabin

FPL1200 - Zuluna GlencoePicShadow

28mm Pent roof cabin

FPL1210 - Zuluna GlenfinnanPicShadow

45mm Apex roof cabin

FPL1220 - Zuluna HelmsdalePicShadow

45mm Apex roof cabin

FPL1230 - Zuluna InveraryPicShadow

45mm flat roof cabin

FPL1240 - Zuluna InverbegPicShadow

45mm Apex roof cabin

FPL1260 - Zuluna NewtonmorePicShadow

45mm Apex roof cabin

FPL1280 - Zuluna Single CarportPicShadow

Flat roof single carport

FPL1290 - Zuluna Double CarportPicShadow

Flat roof double carport

FPL1300 - Zuluna Outdoor Seating AreaPicShadow

Hipped roof seating area

FPL1310 - Zuluna WoodshedPicShadow

Pent roof Woodshed

FPL1320 - Zuluna GarlogiePicShadow

45mm Apex roof cabin with 3m side canopy

FPL1330 - Zuluna DunbarPicShadow

45mm Apex roof cabin with mezzanine and front canopy

FPL1340 - Zuluna KelsoPicShadow

45mm Flat roof Party Room with 3.9m canopy

FPL1350 - Zuluna Outdoor BarPicShadow

Apex roof Bar with six bar stools

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