Sheds, animal houses and storage buildings

At Forest Products we supply a comprehensive range of quality sheds and garden buildings. We take great care and pride in our attention to detail and feel confident you will find a product suitable for your needs.

Many options are available for all our buildings, these include; 18mm floorboards, 18mm premier cladding, 15mm log effect cladding, security products, 32mm x 44mm framing as standard, 44mm x 44mm and 44mm x 70mm framing, additional doors and windows, and increased eaves heights.

If you cannot find a building to suit your needs please enquire about a custom built model as we cater for our customer needs. All prices include VAT.

53 products found

FPL8001 - Standard Apex ShedPicShadow

Standard garden shed with 12mm or 18mm cladding

FPL8004 - Standard Pent ShedPicShadow

Standard pent garden shed with 12mm or 18mm cladding

FPL8005 - Heavy Duty Apex or Pent ShedPicShadow

Heavy duty garden sheds

FPL8006 - Heavy Duty Premium ShedPicShadow

Heavy duty premier clad garden sheds

FPL8007 - Hipex ShedPicShadow

Hipex garden shed 12mm

FPL8008 - Cabin ShedPicShadow

Cabin garden shed 12mm

FPL8010 - Standard Potting ShedPicShadow

Standard potting shed

FPL8011 - Combi Potting ShedPicShadow

Combi potting shed

FPL8012 - Sunflower Potting ShedPicShadow

Sunflower Potting Shed

FPL8013 - Security Apex ShedPicShadow

Small window security shed

FPL8014 - Security Pent ShedPicShadow

Small window security pent shed

FPL8016 - Apex and Pent GaragePicShadow

Versatile garage, Apex or Pent

FPL8017 - Rhino ShedPicShadow

Very heavy duty Rhino shed

FPL8018 - Groundsman ShedPicShadow

Very heavy duty Groundsman shed

FPL8019 - Corner cabinPicShadow

Corner cabin 12mm clad

FPL8020 - Garden StorePicShadow

Garden Store 12mm clad

FPL8021 - Garden TidyPicShadow

Garden Tidy 12mm clad

FPL8022 - Garden ChestPicShadow

Garden Chest 12mm clad

FPL8023 - Wheelie Bin StorePicShadow

Wheelie Bin Store

FPL8024 - Deluxe Apex KennelPicShadow

Deluxe Apex Kennel with run

FPL8025 - Pent Kennel and RunPicShadow

Pent Kennel and Run

FPL8026 - Hen HousePicShadow

Hen House

FPL8027 - Bentley Supreme Apex ShedPicShadow

Wall braced garden shed

FPL8028 - Bentley Supreme Pent ShedPicShadow

Wall braced garden shed

FPL8029 - Dog KennelPicShadow

Dog Kennel

FPL8030 - Animal ArcPicShadow

Animal Arc

FPL8031 - Log StorePicShadow

Log Store

FPL8032 - Mobility Scooter ShedPicShadow

Mobility Scooter Shed

FPL8033 - Octagonal ArbourPicShadow

Octagonal Arbour Summerhouse

FPL8035 - Hipped Roof Corner SummerhousePicShadow

Hipped Roof Corner Summerhouse

FPL8038 - Corner Summerhouse GeorgianPicShadow

Georgian Corner Summerhouse

FPL8040 - Corner Summerhouse LeadedPicShadow

Corner Summerhouse with Leaded Glass

FPL8041 - Blenheim Corner SummerhousePicShadow

Blenheim Corner Summerhouse

FPL8042 - The SunroomPicShadow

The Sunroom Summerhouse

FPL8044 - The KensingtonPicShadow

The Kensington Summerhouse

FPL8046 - The BalmoralPicShadow

The Balmoral Summerhouse

FPL8048 - The PavilionPicShadow

The Pavilion Summerhouse

FPL8050 - The SunningdalePicShadow

The Sunningdale Summerhouse

FPL8052 - The Elton Home OfficePicShadow

The Elton Home Office

FPL8054 - Traditional Dutch BarnPicShadow

Traditional Dutch Barn

FPL8056 - Pent SummerhousePicShadow

Pent Summerhouse

FPL8058 - The ChatsworthPicShadow

The Chatsworth Summerhouse

FPL8060 - The BuckinghamPicShadow

The Buckingham Summerhouse

FPL8062 - The AscotPicShadow

The Ascot Summerhouse

FPL8064 - Summer CabinPicShadow

Summer Cabin

FPL8066 - Stretched Octagonal SummerhousePicShadow

Stretched Octagonal Summerhouse

FPL8068 - The AlthorpePicShadow

The Althorpe Summerhouse

FPL8070 - The WindsorPicShadow

The Windsor Summerhouse

FPL8072 - The WentworthPicShadow

The Wentworth Summerhouse

FPL8074 - Octagonal SummerhousePicShadow

Octagonal Summerhouse

FPL8076 - Dual Pent SummerhousePicShadow

Dual Pent Summerhouse

FPL8078 - Pent Summerhouse with Folding DoorsPicShadow

Pent Summerhouse with Folding Doors

FPL8111 - The SandringhamPicShadow

The Sandringham Summerhouse

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