Camping pods and modular buildings

We can provide a very wide range of solutions for fully constructed, insulated cabins and camping pods, from the modern to the crooked and quaint. These buildings are usually provided ready to use, just plug in the mains supply and you're set. Fully fitted out with heating, lighting and sometimes toilets and showers where applicable. Many sizes and custom options available - as always just ask.

13 products found

FPL6233 - Insulated Glamping Cube 3x7PicShadow

3m x 7m Insulated Glamping Cube

FPL6950 - Camping Pod MediumPicShadow

4m Camping Pod

FPL6960 - Camping Pod LargePicShadow

4.8m Camping Pod

FPL7000 - The Leaf Camping PodPicShadow

4m long insulated camping pod

FPL7001 - The Leaf Maxi Camping PodPicShadow

5.70m long insulated camping pod

FPL7002 - The Leaf Maxi PMR Camping PodPicShadow

5.26m insulated camping pod

FPL7003 - Troll Mini Camping PodPicShadow

2.96m long fully insulated rustic style camping pod

FPL7004 - Troll Big Camping PodPicShadow

5.26m long fully insulated rustic style camping pod

FPL7005 - Troll Maxi Camping PodPicShadow

5.75m long fully insulated rustic style camping pod

FPL7007 - The Cube Camping Pod ModulesPicShadow

2.43m square insulated camping pod

FPL7008 - The Lodge Camping PodPicShadow

6m long camping pod

FPL7009 - The LuxMax Camping PodPicShadow

6m long insulated camping pod

FPL7010 - The LuxMax XXL Camping PodPicShadow

6.33m long insulated camping pod

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