Cabins between 3m and 4m in size

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FPL9080 - Malmo 300x300PicShadow

3.00m x 3.00m log cabin

FPL9081 - Milan 400x400PicShadow

4m x 4m log cabin

FPL9082 - Rugersberg 380x380PicShadow

3.8m x 3.8m log cabin

FPL9083 - Bern 300x300PicShadow

3.00m x 3.00m cabin with side roof

FPL9087 - Tulin 400x400PicShadow

4.00m x 4.00m log cabin

FPL9088 - Graz 380x380PicShadow

3.80m x 3.80m cabin

FPL9096 - Florida 400x400PicShadow

4.00m x 4.00m log cabin

FPL9098 - Utrecht 350x400PicShadow

3.50m x 4.00m log cabin

FPL9099 - Rotterdam 400x400PicShadow

4.00m x 4.00m log cabin

FPL9103 - York 400x300PicShadow

4.00m x 3.00m log cabin

FPL9108 - Panta 340x340PicShadow

3.40m x 3.40m corner summerhouse

FPL9111 - Panta 400x400PicShadow

4.00m x 4.00m corner summerhouse

FPL9114 - Panta 340x340 in 45mmPicShadow

3.40m x 3.40m corner summerhouse

FPL9127 - Portland 350x400PicShadow

3.50m x 4.00m flat roof

FPL9130 - Portland 200x240PicShadow

2m x 2.4m

FPL9132 - Reims 350PicShadow

3.50m octagonal pavilion

FPL9133 - Lille 400PicShadow

4.00m octagonal pavilion

FPL9134 - Brest 350PicShadow

3.50m octagonal pavilion

FPL9135 - Colmar 350PicShadow

3.50m octagonal pavilion

FPL9136 - Cholet 400PicShadow

4.00m octagonal pavilion

FPL9140 - Versailles 300PicShadow

3.00m + side store

FPL9141 - Bordeaux 300PicShadow

3.00m + store octagonal

FPL9143 - Valence 350PicShadow

3.50m octagonal pavilion

FPL9146 - Vernon 350x300PicShadow

3.50m x 3.00m octagonal pavilion

FPL9149 - Helena 400x300PicShadow

4.00m x 3.00m open gazebo

FPL9150 - Helena 385x260PicShadow

3.85m x 2.60m gazebo

FPL9157 - Valencia 340x340PicShadow

3.40m x 3.40m garden building

FPL9158 - Valencia 340x340PicShadow

3.40m x 3.40m garden building

FPL9170 - Apeldoorn 350x400PicShadow

3.50m x 4.00m log cabin

FPL9173 - Dundee 400x350PicShadow

4.00m x 3.50m + 2.50m porch

FPL9179 - Valencia 400x400PicShadow

4.00m x 4.00m garden building

FPL9180 - Panta 340x340 in 58mmPicShadow

3.40m x 3.40m corner summerhouse

FPL9184 - Open Pavilion 350x300PicShadow

3.50m x 3.00m open pavilion

FPL9189 - 400x400 Log CabinPicShadow

4.00m x 4.00m log cabin

FPL9192 - Panta 250x350PicShadow

2.5m x 3.5m

FPL9194 - 300x300 Cabin with side canopyPicShadow

3.00m x 3.00m Log Cabin

FPL9214 - Eskdale Cabin 250x200PicShadow

250x200 Cabin with side canopy

FPL9234 - Vernon2 Pavilion 400x350PicShadow

400x350 Pavilion

FPL9235 - Helena15 360x360PicShadow

3.6m x 3.6m Gazebo

FPL9236 - Helena 7 350PicShadow

3.5m Gazebo

FPL9240 - Santorin 400x377PicShadow

4m x 3.77m log cabin

FPL9242 - Wismar 330x330PicShadow

3.3m x 3.3m log cabin

FPL9244 - Panta 360x360PicShadow

3.6m x 3.6m corner summerhouse

FPL9252 - MH1 1919S 120VD SDPicShadow

1.90m x 1.90m panel building

FPL9253 - MH1 2222P 130 ANPicShadow

2.2m x 2.2m panel building with 2.2m x 1.3m extension

FPL9257 - Montmatre 350PicShadow

3.50m octagonal pavilion

FPL9400 - Cara Easy 250x250 with side CanopyPicShadow

2.50m x 2.50m Cabin with side canopy

FPL9416 - A Style Log Cabin 400x300PicShadow

A Style Log Cabin 400x300

FPL9420 - Cara Corner Cabin 360x360PicShadow

3.6m x 3.6m Cara Corner Cabin

FPL9434 - Cara Merano 3535FPicShadow

3.50m x 3.50m Cabin

FPL9446 - Cara Easy 3530DPDPicShadow

3.5m x 3.0m Cabin

FPL9451 - Cara Easy 3535FPicShadow

3.50m x 3.50m Cabin

FPL9453 - Cara Easy 2537FPicShadow

2.50m x 3.70m Cabin

FPL9456 - Helena 4040ZPicShadow

4.0m x 4.0m Gazebo

FPL9460 - Helena 8 35ZPicShadow

3.5m Octagonal Gazebo

FPL9471 - Landshut Cabin 350x250PicShadow

3.50m x 2.50m Cabin

FPL9473 - Tegel Cabin 200x400PicShadow

2.00m x 4.00m Cabin

FPL9475 - Sylt Cabin 320x320PicShadow

3.20m x 3.20m Cabin

FPL9478 - Chicken Farm Cabin 400x400PicShadow

4.00m x 4.00m Cabin

FPL9483 - Rugersberg Cabin 380x380PicShadow

3.80m x 3.80m Cabin

FPL9491 - Kidsburg Cabin 300x400PicShadow

3.00m x 4.00m Cabin

FPL9498 - Maleri Cabin 350x370PicShadow

3.50m x 3.70m Cabin

FPL9501 - Sherwood Cabin 250x350PicShadow

2.50m x 3.50m two room Cabin

FPL9503 - Verona Cabin 300x400 with side roofPicShadow

3.00m x 4.00m Cabin with 1.20m side roof

FPL9504 - Venlo Cabin 301x248PicShadow

3.01m x 2.48m Cabin

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