Cabins between 7m and 8m in size

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FPL9161 - Garage Premium 600x800PicShadow

6.00m x 8.00m garage

FPL9172 - Chicago 350x300PicShadow

3.50m x 3.00m cabin

FPL9177 - Panta 400x750PicShadow

4.0m x 7.5m (incl 2.00m extension)

FPL9186 - Garage Premium 400x750PicShadow

4.00m x 7.50m garage

FPL9195 - Double Garage 600x800PicShadow

6.00m x 8.00m garage

FPL9197 - Madison 350x500 with PorchPicShadow

3.5m x 5m with 4m porch

FPL9228 - Marcelina Leisure Building 736x551PicShadow

736x551 Multi-room Leisure Building

FPL9229 - Lukas Leisure Building 778x528PicShadow

778x528 Two-storey Leisure Building

FPL9232 - Raphael Leisure Building 800x800PicShadow

800x800 Two-storey Leisure Building

FPL9237 - Carport Cicero 567x500 with extensionPicShadow

5.67m x 2.7m flat roof carport with 2.7m x 3.04m extension

FPL9246 - Zuzanna leisure building 614x814 with 200 side extPicShadow

6.14m x 8.14m leisure building with 3m integral canopy and 2m side extension

FPL9247 - Angela leisure building 350x770 with 100cm porchPicShadow

3.5m x 7.7m leisure building with 1m porch

FPL9249 - Alicja leisure building 520x800 with terracePicShadow

5.2m x 8.0m leisure building with 1.8m x 8.0m terrace

FPL9406 - Cara Riva 345x500 with 240cm AnnexePicShadow

3.45m x 5m Cabin with 2.4m Annexe

FPL9418 - Leisure Cabin 600x800 with Integral 150 CanopyPicShadow

Leisure Cabin 600x800 with Integral 150 Canopy

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