Garages and carports

Whether it be for a pristine vintage car or just the daily run about we can supply a very wide range of high quality garages, carports and workshops. Any shape or size you like, 7 different timber thicknesses, all you need to do is let us know what you're after.

37 products found

FPL1280 - Zuluna Single CarportPicShadow

Flat roof single carport

FPL1290 - Zuluna Double CarportPicShadow

Flat roof double carport

FPL9159 - Garage Premium 5890SPicShadow

5.80m x 9.00m garage

FPL9161 - Garage Hansa 6080S with side roofPicShadow

6.00m x 8.00m garage

FPL9162 - Carport Prestige 596x506PicShadow

5.96m x 5.06m carport

FPL9163 - Apex roof Carport 3052SPicShadow

3.04m x 5.16m open carport

FPL9164 - Carport Linea 3060FPicShadow

3.00m x 6.00m flat roof carport

FPL9165 - Carport Reihe 15055FPicShadow

15.00 x 5.50m flat roof carport.

FPL9166 - Garage Premium 380x550PicShadow

3.80m x 5.50m garage

FPL9167 - Carport Standard 295x500PicShadow

2.95m x 5.00m carport

FPL9175 - Garage Premium 600x600PicShadow

6m x 6m Double garage in 70mm wall

FPL9182 - Garage Premium 600x900PicShadow

6.00m x 9.00m garage

FPL9186 - Garage Premium 400x750PicShadow

4.00m x 7.50m garage

FPL9195 - Double Garage 600x800PicShadow

6.00m x 8.00m garage

FPL9196 - Carport Duo 8041FPicShadow

8.00m x 4.14m carport

FPL9203 - 4 Car Garage 800x1200PicShadow

8.00m x 12.00m garage

FPL9204 - Triple Garage 700x1000PicShadow

7.00m x 10.00m triple garage

FPL9207 - Garage Premium 380x600PicShadow

3.80m x 6.00m garage

FPL9208 - Garage Premium 400x550PicShadow

4.00m x 5.50m garage

FPL9211 - Garage Elegance 5692P with side CarportPicShadow

5.60m x 9.20m Garage with 3.14m side carport

FPL9212 - Garage Piccolo 3030SPicShadow

300x300 Garage

FPL9213 - Garage Molto Grande 10590 DPDPicShadow

1050x904 Garage

FPL9237 - Carport Cicero 5750F with extensionPicShadow

5.67m x 2.7m flat roof carport with 2.7m x 3.04m extension

FPL9462 - Carport Strato 4530PPicShadow

4.5m x 3.0m Carport

FPL9463 - Carport Ela 3250PPicShadow

3.24m x 5.00m Carport

FPL9464 - Carport Caro 6835F incl extPicShadow

6.8m x 3.5m Carport inc. 1.8m x 3.5m ext

FPL9465 - Carport Smart 2851PPicShadow

2.78m x 5.08m Carport inc. 1.8m x 3.5m ext

FPL9466 - Garage Cara Easy Primo 7257SPicShadow

7.2m x 5.7m Garage

FPL9467 - Garage Bellevue 7266WPicShadow

7.2m x 6.6m Garage

FPL9468 - Garage Moto 1825FPicShadow

1.8m x 2.5m Garage

FPL9469 - Garage Holstein 5990SWPicShadow

5.9m x 9.0m Garage

FPL9470 - Garage Inverness 6060SPicShadow

6.0m x 6.0m Garage

FPL9551 - Garage 600x400 with Carport 600x630PicShadow

6m x 10m garage and carport

FPL9552 - Garage 700x600PicShadow

7.00m x 6.00m garage

FPL9553 - Garage 600x900PicShadow

6.00m x 9.00m garage

FPL9559 - Garage 600x600 with Carport 600x600PicShadow

6m x 6m double garage and 6m x 6m carport

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