Flat roof cabins

These cabins provide a more modern look and are becoming ever more popular. Available any shape or size required they use the latest in EPDM material to ensure years of trouble free roofing. These can generally also be kept nice and low in height to keep the neighbours happy.

19 products found

FPL9103 - York 400x300PicShadow

4.00m x 3.00m log cabin

FPL9127 - Portland 350x400PicShadow

3.50m x 4.00m flat roof

FPL9128 - Portland 240x240PicShadow

2.40m x 2.40m flat roof

FPL9129 - Portland 500x250PicShadow

5.00m x 2.50m flat roof

FPL9130 - Portland 200x240PicShadow

2m x 2.4m

FPL9223 - Kuba Cabin 400x700 with 250 CanopyPicShadow

400x700 Cabin with 250 Canopy

FPL9255 - MH2 190x210FPicShadow

1.9m x 2.1m panel building with inner wall

FPL9402 - Cara Easy 300x500PicShadow

3.0m x 5.0m Cabin

FPL9404 - Cara Bella 600x600PicShadow

6m x 6m Cabin

FPL9405 - Cara Luna 500x600PicShadow

5m x 6m Cabin

FPL9406 - Cara Riva 345x500 with 240cm AnnexePicShadow

3.45m x 5m Cabin with 2.4m Annexe

FPL9407 - Cara Cello 250x270 with side canopyPicShadow

2.5m x 2.7m Cabin with side canopy

FPL9408 - Cara 300x300PicShadow

3m x 3m Cabin

FPL9409 - Cara 250x300PicShadow

2.5m x 3m Cabin

FPL9410 - Cara Stella 265x601PicShadow

2.65m x 6.01m Cabin

FPL9411 - Cara Mio 300x300PicShadow

3m x 3m Cabin

FPL9412 - Cara Easy 520x865PicShadow

5.2m x 8.65m Cabin

FPL9420 - Cara Corner Cabin 360x360PicShadow

3.6m x 3.6m Cara Corner Cabin

FPL9423 - Flat Roof Log Cabin 400x550PicShadow

Flat Roof Log Cabin 400x550

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