Medium size log cabins

These are some examples of medium size cabins which to us is from 4m up to around 6m in size. All available in many different wall thicknesses from 45mm upwards. All can be fully customised to suit your exact needs.

48 products found

FPL9089 - Kansas 400x350PicShadow

4.00m x 3.50m log cabin

FPL9090 - Dakota 400x400PicShadow

4.00m x 4.00m log cabin

FPL9091 - Colorado 450x350PicShadow

4.50m x 3.50m log cabin

FPL9093 - Mississippi 450x450PicShadow

4.50m x 4.50m cabin

FPL9094 - Atlanta 380x300PicShadow

3.80m x 3.00m log cabin

FPL9095 - Montana 500x400PicShadow

5.00m x 4.00m log cabin

FPL9097 - Texas 400x500PicShadow

4.00m x 5.00m log cabin

FPL9100 - Amsterdam 520x450PicShadow

5.20m x 4.50m log cabin

FPL9104 - Bristol 400x500PicShadow

4.00m x 5.00m log cabin

FPL9105 - Cardiff 500x300PicShadow

5.00m x 3.00m log cabin

FPL9106 - Aberdeen 500x400PicShadow

5.00m x 4.00m log cabin

FPL9169 - Utah 500x500PicShadow

5m x 5m log cabin

FPL9171 - Liverpool 550x400PicShadow

5.50m x 4.00m cabin

FPL9172 - Chicago 350x300PicShadow

3.50m x 3.00m cabin

FPL9173 - Dundee 400x350PicShadow

4.00m x 3.50m + 2.50m porch

FPL9174 - Rome 500x500PicShadow

5m x 5m log cabin

FPL9199 - Clockhouse 400x550PicShadow

4.0m x 5.5m Clockhouse cabin

FPL9200 - Home Office 500x600PicShadow

5.00m x 6.00m log cabin

FPL9209 - Leisure cabin 500x500PicShadow

5.00m x 5.00m log cabin

FPL9215 - Birmingham Cabin 250x250PicShadow

2.50m x 2.50m Cabin with 2x 2.50m x1.50m canopy extensions

FPL9217 - Monaco Cabin 430x430PicShadow

4.30m x 4.30m Cabin

FPL9219 - Alba 2 400x500PicShadow

4m x 5m Two room cabin with integral front porch

FPL9239 - Grimaldi 400x580 with 250 side roofPicShadow

4m x 5.8m log cabin with 2.5m side roof

FPL9241 - Boston 450x520PicShadow

4.5m x 5.2m log cabin

FPL9413 - Carberry Log Cabin with StorePicShadow

Carberry Log Cabin with Store

FPL9415 - Clockhouse 400x480PicShadow

4.0m x 4.8m Clockhouse cabin

FPL9419 - Clockhouse 400x550 with 200 CanopyPicShadow

Clockhouse 400x550 with 2m Canopy

FPL9422 - Clockhouse 400x550 Single WindowsPicShadow

Clockhouse 400x550 with Single Windows

FPL9424 - Clockhouse 385x535 Double WindowsPicShadow

Clockhouse 385x535 with Double Windows

FPL9476 - Manchester 250x550PicShadow

2.50m x 5.50m log cabin

FPL9477 - Erding Cabin 500x250PicShadow

5.00m x 2.50m Cabin

FPL9480 - Portland8 Cabin 500x250 with verandaPicShadow

5.00m x 2.50m Cabin with 2.80m x 3.00m veranda

FPL9484 - Liechtenstein Cabin 300x300 with side roofPicShadow

3.00m x 3.00m Cabin with 1.97m side terrace

FPL9485 - Kufstein Cabin 300x300 with side roofPicShadow

3.00m x 3.00m Cabin with 1.20m side terrace

FPL9487 - Limbach Cabin 300x350 with extPicShadow

3.00m x 3.50m Cabin with 150cm side extension

FPL9489 - Relex Cabin 200x200 with extPicShadow

2.00m x 3.00m Cabin with 3.1m extn

FPL9490 - Ontario Cabin 560x420PicShadow

5.60m x 4.20m cabin with integral store room

FPL9492 - Baltimore Cabin 305x505PicShadow

3.05m x 5.05m Cabin

FPL9494 - Bonanza Cabin 340x550 with tcePicShadow

3.40m x 5.50m Cabin with 1.60m terrace

FPL9499 - Orania Cabin 550x400PicShadow

5.50m x 4.00m Cabin

FPL9506 - Springfield Cabin 400x550 with side roofs and canopyPicShadow

4.00m x 5.50m Cabin with 2 x 1.30m side roofs and 1.50m canopy

FPL9508 - Blackwood Cabin 400x300 with ext and verandaPicShadow

4.00m x 3.00m Cabin with 1.30m x 3.00m ext and 2.7m porch

FPL9511 - Sudor Cabin 440x350 with canopyPicShadow

4.40m x 3.50m Cabin with 1.70m canopy

FPL9514 - Canada Cabin 310x408 with side roofPicShadow

3.10m x 4.08m Cabin with 1.20m side roof

FPL9515 - Weekend Cabin 350x600 with extPicShadow

3.50m x 6.00m Cabin with 1.00m x 3.00m ext

FPL9548 - Flat Roof Log Cabin 400x500PicShadow

Flat Roof Log Cabin 400x500

FPL9550 - Flat Roof Log Cabin 500x300 with 3m canopyPicShadow

Flat Roof Log Cabin 500x300 with 250x300 canopy

FPL9554 - Flat Roof Log Cabin 400x500PicShadow

Flat Roof Log Cabin 400x500

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