FPL6137 - Extra Large Twin Straight Wall BBQ Hut

FPL6137 - Extra Large Twin Straight Wall BBQ Hut

16.5m twin straight wall BBQ Hut with connection

Straight Wall Twin Barbecue Hut

The 16.5m2 + 16.5m2  straight wall BBQ cabin (with 3.76m2 connection) comes fully equipped with the following features as standard:

  • Shape: Octagonal + rectangle + octagonal
  • Inside area: 16.5m² + 3.76m² + 16.5m²
  • Total height: 3.56m
  • Fits 30-35 people
  • Wall, roof, floor panels
  • Roof covered with bitumen shingles of your selected colour (black, red or green)
  • Inside standard grill with the cooking platforms and a table around the grill
  • Adjustable chimney
  • 9 double glass windows (2 of them are opening)
  • Doors with a lock and a hexagon window
  • 7 inside benches 
  • Cushions for the benches
  • Connection’s size: 1.95m x 1.99m

Please note there are other grill and chimney set options available.

Other additional extra options include:

  • Grill cover (£40)
  • Drawers (£100 each)
  • Reindeer Hides (£160 each)
  • Three higher grade BBQ unit options available

The shape is originally a traditional Finnish sauna dating back over one hundred years. Nowadays we in the UK are coupling our love of barbecuing and the great outdoors to make this a very popular choice for those with limited space.

16.5m twin straight wall BBQ Hut, the ultimate in luxurious barbecuing

We are a progressive forward thinking company and in-line with our policy of continual development and improvement reserve the right to change specifications, designs and prices without notice.

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