FPL6255 - Sauna Cube 228x328 with changing room

FPL6255 - Sauna Cube 228x328 with changing room

Sauna Cube 2.28m x 3.28m with changing room



The Sauna Cube 2.28m x 3.28m with changing room is a two room insulated Garden Cube with wooden floor, 2x tempered glass walls, 1x decorative sunscreen wall and 2x sauna benches. Frames are made from glue laminated spruce beams: bottom frame (100 x 140 mm), columns (140 x 140mm), top frame (140 x 240mm) and withstands 442 kg/m2 roof load.


  • External dimension: 2286mm x 3286mm
  • Total height: 2780mm
  • Exterior Cladding: 18mm​
  • Interior Cladding: 12mm​
  • Door size: 817mm x 2035mm
  • Window size: 1000 x 2200mm
  • Wall thickness: 75mm
  • Floor thickness: 28mm
  • Insulation: 50mm stone wool
  • Roof:  The roof panels are built with double rafters construction and covered with 18 x 145
  • mm finishing boards
  • Roof covering: EPDM
  • Walls: FSC-certified spruce walls: 1000 x 2200mm. Insulated full panel wall: Wall frame 75 x 45mm, panel covered with inside 96 x 12mm and outside 145 x 18mm horizontal spruce cladding boards. Decorative sunscreen wall: Wall frame 75 x 45mm, horizontal sunscreen wall consists of 18 x 95mm boards. Wooden framed tempered glass wall: Wall frame 75 x 45mm with full tempered glass window.
  • External Sauna door:  819 x 2032 mm (from spruce) with large tempered glass windows and lock
  • Inner glass door: 620 x 1800 mm; tempered brown tinted glass thickness: 8 mm.
  • 2x sauna benches: 500mm (W) x 2136mm (L)
  • Heat-resistant plates for the heater/stove

Code: GSCH2X3

These are modular cabins which can be modified within certain criteria, please enquire for more details.

At Forest Products we pride ourselves in dealing only with quality goods. We would never sell a log cabin or summerhouse that we wouldn't be happy with in our garden. The log cabins and Camping Concepts are manufactured using some of the highest quality timber available anywhere in the world. This timber is then milled by some of the most experienced people in the industry into the log cabins and summerhouses of your dreams. The windows and doors are all fully double glazed and all the windows come with a tilt/turn action when the wall thickness is 44mm and above. These same mills build anything from a small 2m x 2m interlocking shed to a fullblown multi-bedroom log home. All the timber is from Government Control forestry, which all have FSC accreditation.

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