FPL9211 - Garage Elegance 5692P with side Carport

FPL9211 - Garage Elegance 5692P with side Carport

5.60m x 9.20m Garage with 3.14m side carport

  • wall thickness: 27mm (rhombus formwork)
  • wall outside dimension: 560 x 920cm (W/D)


  • roof overhang: F = 100cm, B = 60cm, R = 55cm, L =20cm
  • wall height front = 280cm, back = 242cm
  • roof area: 94.5m², slope: 4 degrees
  • gate: 2x 250 x 218cm obscure glazed
  • single door: 134 x 218cm
  • window: 4x 150 x 60cm
  • side roof: 314cm, laminated posts: 14 x 14cm
  • post-and-beam construction: 12 x 12cm

Final roof covering not included but can be fitted at additional cost

Please note that you can add or change doors and windows to personalise your building. Some pictures may show buildings with non-standard features, such as extra windows, added to the standard configuration. Please check the full description or call us for further information.

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