FPL9481 - Alabama Cabin 350x500 with ext

FPL9481 - Alabama Cabin 350x500 with ext

3.00m x 5.00m Cabin with 1.20m x 1.20m extn

  • wall outside dimension: 350 x 500cm + 120 x 120cm EX (W/D)
  • roof overhang: F/L= 180cm, R/B= 30cm
  • side wall height: 244.8cm, ridge height: 258.4cm
  • roof area: 40m², slope: 2 degrees
  • single door: 98 x 200cm 3/4 glazed, 70 x 200cm closed
  • sliding door: 210 x 200cm 3/4 glazing
  • window: 98 x 98cm turn cant, 40 x 50cm turn cant, 121 x 206cm fixed
  • wall area: 64m², cubic content: 76m³
  • sunshade provided by customer

Optional accessories:

  • BHB EPDM foil as well as BHB downpipe set F2 (2x) or with welding line or sheet (provided by customer)
  • height-adjustable post anchor


Please note that you can add or change doors and windows to personalise your building. Some pictures may show buildings with non-standard features, such as extra windows, added to the standard configuration. Please check the full description or call us for further information.

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