Value & pre-fabricated cabins

If you are working to a budget or you have a more basic building in mind, then have a look at our value range of buildings. These are also made by Bertsch Holzbau, and are a more traditional construction of a frame structure clad in 19mm tongue and groove boards. Supplied as pre-fabricated flat panels and, as always, available to various sizes and options.

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FPL9064 - EH1 180x180 SPicShadow

1.8m x 1.8m panel building

FPL9065 - EH1 180x240 S 130SDPicShadow

1.80m x 2.40m panel building

FPL9066 - EH2 210x210 SPicShadow

2.10m x 2.10m panel building

FPL9067 - EH2 240x240 S 150VDPicShadow

2.40m x 2.40m panel building

FPL9068 - EH2 240x240 S 130SDPicShadow

2.40m x 2.40m panel building

FPL9069 - EH2 280x280 150VDPicShadow

2.80m x 2.80m panel building

FPL9070 - EH1 140x210 PPicShadow

1.40m x 2.10m panel building

FPL9071 - EH2 240x280 PPicShadow

2.80m x 2.40m panel building

FPL9072 - EH1 280x280 DPPicShadow

2.80m x 2.80m panel building

FPL9073 - EH2 280x280 DPPicShadow

2.80m x 2.80m panel building

FPL9233 - EH2 300x300 Dual PentPicShadow

300x300 Dual-Pent prefabricated building

FPL9252 - EH1 190x190 S 120PicShadow

1.90m x 1.90m panel building

FPL9253 - EH1 220x220P 130 ANPicShadow

2.2m x 2.2m panel building with 2.2m x 1.3m extension

FPL9254 - EH1 140x70PPicShadow

1.4m x 0.7m panel building

FPL9255 - EH1 190x210FPicShadow

1.9m x 2.1m panel building with inner wall

FPL9426 - Sales Kiosk CabinPicShadow

Mobile sales kiosk cabin

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